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I am feeling a tad mopey.

For the second week running I have failed to make it to my ice skating classes.

The particularly miserable thing about this is that I want to go ice skating. I really really do. For the last two weeks I've checked tfl website, left the house at 6 pm, to get to my lesson at 7.15 pm. I've felt happy and bouncy about going.

Both times something has just gone wrong. Tonight I managed to miss the Alexandra Palace stop on the overground due to a combination of no announcements when we got into the stations, and a massive crush of people which meant I couldn't see the signs properly. I then got off at the next stop, only to discover that the next train going back to London had been cancelled, and the second one was delayed, and wouldn't leave til 7.20 pm. As it's a 15 minute walk from the station to the ice rink at the other end, I was going to be too late to make it worthwhile.

I sat on the station and cried like an eight year old.

I've wanted to do this skating course for ages. I wanted to have some kind of exercise, but it was more than that. I wanted something which could be my time to myself, my own special and shiney thing. Something which wasn't tied up with the normal mill of college, and game, and social obligation. I wanted to glide on the gorgeous smooth white ice, in that odd and slightly misty ice rink air. It was my birthday present from my Dad, and I was as excited about it as a kid.

[profile] pierot says he's going to take me to class himself next week. I'm fretting that I've missed too many classes now (2 out of a 5 week course), but am tempted to go skating myself tomorrow or Friday on one of the public skating sessions, and just start saving for another course, or maybe look for a closer or more convenient ice rink. Streatham Ice Rink looks like it might be a lot closer - it's next to Streatham Train Station which is 20 minutes out of London Bridge.

To add insult to injury, my oyster card decided on the way back to ignore the fact that I touched in to the tube station at Finsbury Park, and thus charge me the punitive fee for not touching in with an oyster card when I got off at Canada Water.

I felt muchly mopey. It appears that I and London Transport are not getting on well at the moment.

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