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Some of you may remember this destiny spread that I put together for [ profile] pierot's prospective 7th Sea game, which I needed to write a background around.

Well, the background lies beneath )

I still have 2 pts of nemesis outstanding, because [ profile] ksirafai suggested that with all the nemesises/nemesi/nemesuses* floating around the party we should consider pooling our points and putting them all into One Great Arch-Nemesis who wishes to Destroy All All, possibly forcing us to Band Together Against The Odds, which seemed mostly quite appropriate.

Oh, and [ profile] span1el - you remember you were talking about preferring the destiny spread when based in Vodacce or involving a Fate Witch in some way? One of the party has All The Nemesis in the world, not to mention a lot of bad luck, so has written himself an evil runaway Fate Witch stepmother in his background, who may well be trying to Destroy Us All as we speak. So, it seems that we actually do have a Fate Witch involved in the whole process in this game.

*What is the plural of 'nemesis'?

7th Sea

May. 27th, 2009 11:27 am
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I do love the 7th Sea destiny spread that you do during character creation. There is something utterly glorious about the unexpected backgrounds, twists and turns that appear when pulling cards at random out of a deck.

Last night I started character gen with an earnest little Eisen combat machine.

I ended with a half Avalonian, half Ussuran girl, abandoned as a baby in Eisen and raised by foster parents, desperate to fit in, unable to get the whole 'Eisen' thing just right, cursed by the Fae and disliked by everyone.

(I don't know why everyone hates her! But every single 'enemy', 'rival' and 'vendetta' flaw came up during that destiny spread)

And it's a glorious and shiny new concept. Just not one I would have thought of for myself.

My destiny spread, for the record. )


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