Jan. 15th, 2017

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This came up last night while randomly chatting to a couple of folk about kittens (which are the cutest thing in the world - trufax) and I was encouraged to post here. For I have now had cats in some form for most of my life, with my current precious precious goblin cats having been with me for (I think) twelve years.
Five things I wish everyone knew and accepted before acquiring a feline overlord to rule your every move.

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I'm not going to pretend I'm the perfect cat owner. I've made mistakes and compromises like anyone. There are also big issues I'm not getting into, like whether you can keep a vegetarian cat (I know folk who do, I know folk who say it's cruel, I don't, so have no comment to make) or the whole 'adopt, don't shop' movement (we got our cats as kittens as Jez's asthma means that Cornish Rex are the best breed for us - they don't seem to set off an allergic reaction in anything like the same way as most other cats. And I regret nothing). I also am not going to discourage anyone from getting a cat, because I think my cats are gorgeous and lovely and I feel constantly grateful that I've had the massive privilege of their company for the last 12 years. I just am aware, more than ever, that they are a big commitment. I've been super lucky with mine - they have largely been healthy chilled out little beasts who have never destroyed a sofa or carpet and love human beings with all the beneficence that cats can manage. But they have changed my life and they will change yours, if you get a feline.

Good luck.


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