Mar. 1st, 2008 10:45 pm
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Today has been another not-happy day. I don't think it will be terribly helpful to witter on about my poor and battered brain today, or my even more battered stomach, so instead I shall try and think about something cheerful, and will list five things in my life which I think ought to make me happy.

    1) I get to see [profile] mangochutney04 on Tuesday, and I shall meet baby Charlotte for the first time, which will be very exciting.

    2) I received a lovely package in the post this morning with a little jeweler's hammer and some nice copper wire which will be very useful for college.

    3) I am going skating tomorrow morning, which means I'll be able to practice all the new and shiny stuff I learned at my last lesson.

    4) I am due to receive some inheritance money this month, which means that the financial hell which has plagued me since January is coming to an end, and soon I'll be able to afford to buy a new tube of foundation, which will be fab.

    5) In return for several old bits of costume that don't fit me any more, and a shiny silver wig which looked awful with my colouring, [profile] ksirafai is going to take me shopping soon, and buy me pretty new things. They will not be very expensive things, but they will be nice.

These are all good things.

Of the bad things, I shall remind myself that right now I am not feeling very well, so am overreacting, getting emotional about things which are nothing to do with me, and care too much about the opinion of strangers.

Life will be bright and beautiful.

I know it will get better tomorrow.
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