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So, I've decided Pirates x 4 is clearly a marmite movie. People seem to either love it, or hate it. I went to see it with [ profile] pierot and it nearly became the third movie ever which jez has walked out of. Snarkiness and a lot of spoilers lurk beneath. Feel free to skip. )
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This taught me that drugs are good. And if you get in trouble, shiv up your dodgy drug dealing mates, menace your ex-boss and live happily ever after. Plus chicks love a junkie.

Source Code

This taught me that everything you need to know about a woman can be discovered in 8 minutes. Oh, and if you accidentally take over someone's body, and, in fact, girlfriend, don't worry too much about the moral implications. Just go with the flow and enjoy it.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Magic solves all problems. Planning can be replaced with wands. Neville Longbottom is probably the toughest looking dude in Hogwarts.

The Eagle

In the 2nd century Scotland was ruled by a truly terrible race: the notorious Aztec-Eskimo-Punks. Their descendants may still reign in Glasgow today. Also, the Roman legions were really kinda cool with boy-boy lovin'. I have a feeling this last bit may actually be true but I am not entirely sure as it's been a while since I did any history of sexuality.

I have also spent this evening listening to [profile] pierot re-working a number of pop classics in the manner of the 'The Producers', specifically 'Springtime for Hitler'. So far we've got 'Funk Soul Nazi' and that Spice Girls perennial 'Wannabe', with that great line 'I really really really wanna zig-a-sieg heil'.

I think I'm going to hell.
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So, I've now seen the Expandables.

After some consideration and conversation with [profile] ksirafai, we (the team who defended the A Team on feminist grounds and fought off accusations of sexism in it) would like to say that the Expendables is definitely a sexist movie.

Well, that or a touching 'Brokeback Mountain' style love story between Sylvester Stallone and Jason Stratham, with a couple of women who insisted on trying to get between them. That also works.

We were also speculating as to whether their special magic attack plane sprayed forth petrol (which they could then set on fire to blow up bad guys with) or sheer testosterone.

We think the latter. It came from their sweat. And the testosterone they didn't use as a weapon, they drank!

Next up, the Sorceror's Apprentice next week!


Jul. 10th, 2010 12:04 am
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I have now been to the cinema.

I have seen Predators.

My life is complete once more.

It wasn't great art, but it did have a kick ass Israeli girl with a gun, a yakuza with a samurai sword, several actual references to the original film and the trailer for 'The Expendables' at the beginning.

And that makes me happy, for now.

Iron Man 2

Apr. 30th, 2010 12:00 am
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Sometimes I fear that I may actually be dead inside and have no soul.

I just got back from seeing Iron Man 2.

My sole and overriding thought was 'my god! Natasha Romanov is a total Mary Sue'. This was closely followed by 'Tony Stark is dying? Could it happen quicker?' and finished with 'has Ivan Venko done anything unreasonable at any point? Because I don't see it.'

I also wanted to drag Nick Fury out and give him a make over.

Like I said, I think I may have no soul.


Jan. 9th, 2010 09:22 pm
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So, how did the sunlight come in a straight line through the holes? Sunlight doesn't work like that

I've been banned from ranting about this anymore. Suffice it to say that Daybreakers was maybe not the deep, intelligent, moving vampire film one might have hoped for. And that I had issues in how sunlight worked.

In other news, we had a rather exciting experience getting out of the cinema. I got into the car, I accelerated, I got about a foot forward and then I lost all traction. The wheels spun, I put my foot down and the car didn't move. At all.

Some panicking later, [profile] pierot and [profile] anysbryd got out and pushed. Nothing happened. I managed to reverse a bit, so I had my wheels on snow instead of ice, and then accelerated, hard, again, whilst they pushed. We lurched forward, I spun out of control, Matt and jez managed to shove me around the corner. I slid forward until I hit concrete again.

[profile] ksirafai suggested we avoid driving to the cinema for the foreseeable future.

Daybreakers, in the meantime, made remarkably little sense. Willem Dafoe chewed up the scenery, Ethan Hawke looked a little too serious all the time, and Sam Neill was villainous in a manner normally only seen in a John Travolta scene. If he'd seen a puppy, he'd have kicked it.

Argh! It's snowing again outside now. I want it to stop! I have to drive into central London tomorrow!
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My little white cat is not well. Myrddin seems to have a wound in his chest which isn't healing. He seems fine - he's bouncing around, and eating, and trying to kill me if I pick him up - but there is this nasty hole in his fur. [profile] ksirafai is taking him to the vets tomorrow as I can't get out of work to do it myself. This makes me sad, ad I'm also beginning to fret about my kitten.

I am hoping he'll be fine - he's not seeming ill or broken - but I'm definitely fretting.


I went to see Avatar tonight. I did like it, but I came out of it rather feeling like Nancy in Enchanted, upon meeting Prince Edward.

"Wow. You way you said that, without a hint of irony. It's very..."

James Cameron does have the most amazing ability to entirely ignore any little internal voices he might have which tell him he needs irony, or pop culture references, or knowing winks to the audience. He turns his back to the fourth wall with a great deal of determination, and embraces the world he makes utterly.

And the weird thing is that it works. Mild spoilers lurk beneath )

Apparently there are another two films coming. I'm looking forward to them.


I know the snow is a pain, but I must admit that I've rather liked it. I got out of work at 6 pm, and walked across Waterloo Bridge, very slowly, to avoid slipping in the snow. On the South Bank, the Cologne Christmas Market was in full swing. The carousel was spinning, with 'Walking in the Air' playing.

I know snow is a pain, I really do. But I'm glad I saw the painted horses dancing in the snow.
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You know, I think I have a problem. I don't like Twilight. I loathe Edward Cullen with a passion. I want to stake him out for the sun. He is a horrifically creepy figure, Bella is working hard to set the cause of feminism back 30 years, and the notion of 'love' as portrayed by these films is called 'abuse' in normal relationships.

But I do like Jacob Black. And I know he's a dodgy and appropriative figure, and that Stephanie B Meyer was awful in the way she used the Native American characters, but goddamnit, he's a werewolf. And he's cute. And I can't help but get a little bit wide eyed at this trailer.

I think I'm going to see this film. And you're all going to laugh at me and I'll totally deserve it.

I can't help it! It has a cute werewolf in it.

Like I said, I think I have a problem.
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Wicked was fantastic. A rather weak Fiyero, but other than that lovely. A fab Glinda, which got me pondering about why I like Glinda so much in Wicked. I think because she isn't naturally talented, or special like Elphba. She's a pretty, spoilt, ordinary girl who learns to become something greater over the course of the play and I really like that.

I also discovered this evening that the Wicked Witch of the East, in the original Frank L Baum book, was called 'Sally'. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Should I look out for low flying houses?

In contrast, Lost Boys 2 is everything one might expect it to be. Don't go and see it! I suffered that you might escape my fate! And oh my god! The drugs have not been kind to Corey Haim.

The re-vamp of 'Cry Little Sister' was also as hideous as it could ever have been. Why was that film made? And should they not have realized something was wrong when the only original cast members they got involved were the two Coreys?

Anyway, that was my weekend. How was yours?


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