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This is a totally random piece, that comes from my pondering last night. Five life hacks, built on five objects which help me fake being a grown up. Because I'm pretty convinced I've never achieved actual grown up status, and I suspect never will. But with these simple tricks, I can do a fairly good impression of one. What are your life hacks? How do you create the appearance of adulthood?

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So, today I found myself in a conversation with someone about the crazy* and I mentioned my list of stuff that had worked for me, but said, of course, I offered no guarantees and it really might not work for others. He thanked me for the advice and then thanked me again for the disclaimer. Apparently it made a refreshing change from the advice he'd got elsewhere which tended to come with a side dose of 'this will work'.

And it got me thinking. See, my last list was the list of stuff that worked for me. It might not work for you. But maybe some of the many many suggestions I have received over the years which really didn't work for me. And some may just make you laugh because they are bloody awful. So, without further ado, please read my second list, my companion list, my list of sanity CV failure.

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So, recently I wrote a piece on social media for #timetotalk2017, in which I talked about my mental health, and mostly ended up talking about recovery. A couple of people were terribly nice and said they were impressed by the extent to which I seemed in control, and how far I’d come.

And, after wobbling for a day or so about how I don’t feel impressive at all, I decided maybe it would be helpful if I wrote up the stuff I’d done to keep myself sane. This has all come from conversations with Jez, with my psychiatrist, and my CPN, and is written up in various forms as a care plan, and a keeping well plan. My psychiatrist has also said nice things about my methods, so I figure they aren’t totally random and arbitrary.

Of course, this is a plan that works for me, and my particular brand of crazy. I don’t promise it will work for everyone, or will even work for me all the time. And most of this is stuff you may already have thought of. I’m not setting myself up as a font of all wisdom. But I figured the top ten things that have kept me upright and walking around might be worth writing down.

So, here they are.

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This is a follow on from a conversation on someone else’s FB and my finding the CV of Failure that a Princeton professor wrote a while ago online again.

Today I have been thinking about the failures that at one point felt soul destroying. But which, with time, I’ve come to realize were the best things that could have happened to me. There are many, but for simplicity, I list the top three here for you.

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