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I am looking for someone who:

a) knows about cars. Knows enough to be able to tell me whether the little blinking temperature warning light on my dashboard means that my car just needs some more water in the engine or something, or whether it's a garage job.

b) is likely to be in the vicinity of my house in the very near future.

c) is bribable with milkshakes, or Chinese food.

If you fit these criteria, I will love you forever.


*big hopeful eyes*


May. 25th, 2008 12:32 am
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So, I came out of the College Arms tonight and found some bastard had smashed the window in my car and stolen my SatNav from the glove compartment.

I would be zen about this, but it's the second time in two weeks.

Am feeling a bit 'meh' now.


May. 8th, 2008 12:43 pm
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So, on Tuesday night I discovered my car window had been smashed, probably by thugs trying to steal from my car, but being stymied by the complete lack of valuables in there.

I spent yesterday getting that sorted.

Now, this morning, my car won't start.

I'm currently sitting around waiting for a nice man to come and find out what is wrong with it. It may just be the battery, but jump leads are currently not working on it, which indicates there is more to it than that.

Is there some kind of conspiracy that is keeping me from getting into college?
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It appears that the inevitable has finally happened.

Since [profile] pierot and I moved to Goblintown, we have been parking in the car park of the drive through McDonalds, which is just across the road from us. This has saved us the £80 and hassle required to park on the road (bless you, Southwark County Council).

This morning I arrived at my car, to find a terribly nice note from McDonalds pinned to the windscreen. It appears a lot of locals have been using their car park quite a bit. As a result, they suspect they may be losing custom during busy hours. Therefore, from March 14th, they will be instituting a maximum parking time of 1 hour, and using a clamping company to enforce this. They were very sweet about this, and it's quite nice of them to give everyone two weeks notice.

However, it appears I either need to find another parking place, or £80 in the next two weeks.

*looks mournful*

In other news, my museology presentation seemed to go well, though I suspect I may have overran my allotted fifteen minutes. I can, however, still use sentences like 'the process can therefore be seen as an intrinsic part of the mortuary ritual, and this the core identity of the object' in all sincerity. And sound clever while doing it.

Go me!
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  • When they wrote off Pridwen, they didn't try and screw me for the lowest settlement price possible, but actually gave me the money it would take for me to buy an entirely equivalent car of equal age with all the same extras.

  • They let me basically transfer my old policy (which was on the mini) to my new car, only charging me for the additional three months, plus a premium for changing my address to London, and a discount coz I was downgrading to a skoda from a mini. Therefore my insurance on the skoda only cost me £100.

  • Even without all the credit from my old policy, the quote they gave me to insure the skoda was less than half the amount quoted by Tesco Insurance, and was £400 cheaper than the AA.

  • When working out how much money to give me, after writing off poor Pridwen, they found out that I'd forgotten to mention the pepper pack, alloy wheels, and sports seats when originally insuring her. So they charged me £20 for a slightly higher insurance premium, and then factored the extras into the final settlement price.

  • They've been repeatedly nice and cheerful to me on the phone, although their computer system does die with alarming regularity.

  • They've got the easiest website to use of any of the major insurance companies.

  • They let me add [profile] pierot to my policy for incredibly little cost.

As far as I can tell, the only way to get a nasty high quote out of them is to get points on your license (in which case apparently the premiums go right up - so says my li'l sis). So, women drivers ([profile] silverclear and [profile] wildrogue, I'm looking at you here!) - go insure with Diamond. They are fab.

This is my advice for the day.

New car...

Aug. 14th, 2006 05:05 pm
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I have a new car!

Pics underneath )


Jun. 23rd, 2006 12:32 pm
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Just heard from the garage.

There's a lot of damage to Pridwen. She's repairable, but the garage mechanic called me to warn me that the insurers might decide it would be cheaper and easier to write her off.

I think my heart is breaking.
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It appears that Pridwen is missing!

Mini Emergency Services (who took her away) say that she's been delivered to the mini body shop in Park Lane, Battersea. They say they've not received her.

So. Missing! One mini - black & silver with a dragon on the roof. If found, please return to Sally.

I'm beginning to get mildly anxious about this.


Pridwen has now been found. It appears she was just in another part of the garage.

I'm having a bit of a panic attack. It seems that the current estimate for repair work is £2000. I don't know what this is for, as apparently the breakdown of this sum was sent out to me in the post on Saturday. Nothing can happen until I've received this, and either paid the garage the money, or made my claim to Mini Insurance and got things approved, which the garage think will also require me posting off the estimate to Mini Insurance.

I'm actually getting anxious about this.

Another update:

The breakdown of the costs apparently is:

£563 labour
£178 painting
£1715 parts
£420 specialists - wire and repair, new bonnet stripes, specialist wheel alignment, environmental protection

This is for new front bonnet pannel as the old one is dented, a new plastic bumper, paint work, the steering also needs checked and the electrics where bits at the front got ripped off need checked.

Yet another update:

The insurance should cover most of the costs - I've got an excess of £150, but the rest should be paid for. My no claims bonus is very very dead now, but at least I'm going to get my car back. The insurance people are sending one of their engineers out to take a look at my car at the end of the week. On the downside, I am going to be carless for a little while until all this is sorted out, so I guess I'll be a bit less mobile than usual.

Panic subsiding.

Panic subsiding.
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It's slightly frustrating. After all my gloom and doom at the beginning of the week I was beginning to feel better. Cutting out all social engagements and just getting things done was really helping. Taking some time to make sure I do have some long baths and eat properly, instead of yelling "I'm meant to be somewhere" was really helping. I had a rather chirpy post half written at work yesterday, planning out my weekend and feeling relatively positive.

Then [profile] pierot phoned me to tell me that my mini was in a hedge and he had a dislocated shoulder.

It is a very sad comment on me that my immediate response was "oh my god! Is my car alright?"

Car stuff )
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I'm in a slightly odd mood.

As regular and long term readers of this journal may remember, my renault clio (the car I passed my test in, the car that used to be my Mum's, the first car I ever owned) was stolen in April. I reported it missing, claimed on the insurance, cried a lot, and finally got Pridwen, my Mini which I have grown to love and adore.

Well, yesterday I got a phone call from the police. My clio had been found. It was found burnt out on a Southwark housing estate and towed away by the council. I got given the number of the car pound, but by the time I'd phoned them, my car had been scrapped. I was told that it was in a pretty bad state and there wasn't much else that could be done with it.

I'm feeling fairly mopey about this, but I guess at least I now know and it's over. My clio is gone.

Rest in peace.


May. 11th, 2005 09:09 pm
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My baby is now home!

[profile] pierot and I picked up my new mini - who we have named 'Pridwen' - from the dealers this afternoon.

The world is a wonderful place.

Image hosted by

My car!

I also dropped home to pick up series 4 CSI to discover a package of Stuff (tm) from [profile] melsner. There were Little Goth Tops (tm), assorted bits of tat and a gorgeous Gryffindor T shirt. Mike - you're fab and I adore you. You play Alexei WAY better than jez ever could.

Life rocks.
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First of all, many happy returns of the day to [personal profile] tooth_fairy. Enjoy a day of Being Given Stuff.

Second of all, damnit and tarnation. It appears that Social Tuesday is falling apart. [profile] castorlion - you still planning on coming into town or should we just re-arrange for another day totally? Would be lovely to see you.

Third of all, Northumbria rocks. There are reasons for this, but they may only make sense to me. Oh, and did you know that Cumbria may have had its own language once? It would have been a gaelic tongue, pretty closely related to Welsh.

Fourth of all, I have bought a car. I decided to embrace my inner spoilt heiress for once, and was not sensible. I did not purchase a nice cheap reliable car. I looked at Toyotas, and then the brat within me cried out and I decided to do something I'd wanted to do for many years.

I bought a mini.

Not just any mini as well...

This mini... )

It's a Mini One (I was just about sensible enough to not buy a Mini Cooper) and it was new in June 2004. It has a welsh dragon on the roof, which [profile] pierot thinks it kinda cute and [profile] vilenspotens thinks is kinda tacky. I personally think I shall go with jez's opinion, mostly because I like dragons.

It has a name as well. And possibly a gender. She shall be called 'Pridwen', which is a welsh name (in honour of the dragon) and in welsh myth is the name of King Arthur's ship. It all makes sense if you're me.

The only sad thing in this happy story is that I haven't actually managed to get Pridwen home yet, due to insurance and tax taking time. This meant that yesterday was largely spent trying to get insurance organised. Hopefully twil all be good by Wednesday.

I know it isn't sensible. I know it isn't the most economical thing ever, but it makes me happy. I've wanted a mini for years and now I have one.

And finally - I hope [profile] christabelle9 has a safe journey home and I hope to see her again soon. It was lovely to have you over, even if I wasn't able to spend much time with you and I wish you and [profile] rweishaar all the luck in the world.

And those are all my livejournal meanderings for the day.

New cars...

May. 6th, 2005 01:47 pm
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As of today the chances of my clio being recovered drop from 50/50 to (in the words of a nice policeman) 'unlikely'.

I'm going to give it another couple of weeks before I write it off and put in a claim, but I probably need to start poking around for a new car. As always, the temptation to get a mini is rearing its head. I look at minis on the internet. They smile at me provocatively. They want me. They do. Little minxes.



Anyway, after a cold shower and a bit of a calm down, I find myself pondering what criteria I should use in buying a car. I want a fairly small car (having spent a week in the company of [profile] vilenspotens's jag - she's gorgeous, but a bit hard to park and always worries me in terms of how much space I need to leave myself) which will do a fairly good number of miles to the gallon and not fall apart too soon. What other things should I take into consideration?

Should I just take the insurance money (around £1000) and see what I can get with that?

Would I be better off putting some Inheritance Money (tm) into getting a better car which will probably be in better condition and might cost me less in the long term?

What brands of cars are sensible buys? Is the mini idea so very outlandish?

How old a car should I be looking at? What kind of rare do cars depreciate at?

Car owners out there - let me know your opinions.
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I may be inordinately happy.

I have an update in the saga of my poor clio. There is an ending, and it is a happy one. )
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Today has been a day of ups and downs. One of the ups, surprisingly, was my tutorial where in a sudden miriacle my tutor announced she'd actually marked three of my essays. There was good feedback and a really useful conversation on the difference between undergraduate and postgraduate essays. I also discovered that the course I am doing isn't actually an archaeology course at all which explains a lot. Marlia Mango put myself and Cait onto one of her Byzantine Studies courses because it seemed to be close to what we wanted to study and she didn't have the time to run the course we'd spoken to her about this term.

One of the downs was the discovery that my Dad can't fix my clio. He met me at St John's after he got out of his meeting with his final year students and I got out of my tutorial and drove me through to Reading, where we discovered that for reasons best known to the RAC man who last changed the battery in the clio, it has been nailed to the main body of the car. None of his tools could shift it, so he suggested calling out a mechanic. This does mean I don't have a car for tomorrow, and god knows when I will get it back. I'm fretting a bit now. I'm stupidly emotionally attached to the clio. It was my Mum's car, it was the car I learnt to drive in and I've had it forever. I don't want it to fall over and die.


Ach. It'll all be OK in the end. The small boy who was wandering past as Dad and I fiddled with the car seemed reasonably hopeful. It's bad when an eight year old knows more about your car than you do, right?


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