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Some of you may remember this destiny spread that I put together for [ profile] pierot's prospective 7th Sea game, which I needed to write a background around.

Well, the background lies beneath )

I still have 2 pts of nemesis outstanding, because [ profile] ksirafai suggested that with all the nemesises/nemesi/nemesuses* floating around the party we should consider pooling our points and putting them all into One Great Arch-Nemesis who wishes to Destroy All All, possibly forcing us to Band Together Against The Odds, which seemed mostly quite appropriate.

Oh, and [ profile] span1el - you remember you were talking about preferring the destiny spread when based in Vodacce or involving a Fate Witch in some way? One of the party has All The Nemesis in the world, not to mention a lot of bad luck, so has written himself an evil runaway Fate Witch stepmother in his background, who may well be trying to Destroy Us All as we speak. So, it seems that we actually do have a Fate Witch involved in the whole process in this game.

*What is the plural of 'nemesis'?

ZG prose

Apr. 29th, 2009 12:10 pm
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I asked here for story requests. And I am still turning all these stories over in my mind, but I'm slow to write and tend to get distracted. As such, these are taking a while. One day, I'll write them all. Anyway, [ profile] twicedead gave me the words 'dark' 'shapes' and asked me to write about Tegan, my ZG Mage. And today I had an idea. The story is about a kinfolk Awakening, turning into a Mage, and how it changes everything in her mind.

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  • I have a new LJ icon! This pic was taken by the lovely [profile] reindeerflotila on New Year's Eve, up in Hatfield.

    The full size picture, without the cropping and photoshopping, is here, lurking beneath the LJ cut )

    There's an [personal profile] adze in the background too.

  • I appear to be wearing conventional perfume. This is strange and peculiar, for I don't normally like it. [profile] pierot's mother gave me a bottle of Poison, by Christian Dior, for Christmas, and it actually seems to smell quite nice on me. This is strange, peculiar, and I feel strangely guilty about it. I am cheating on my BPAL!

    This has, however, made me mildly curious. I know I have a lot of BPAL whore on my flist, but do people wear other perfumes? I mean conventional perfumes - Chanel No 5 and the ilk? And if so, which ones?

  • I know that I have a collection of geeks on my friends list. This does, of course, include a number of people who play *hiss* World of Warcraft. As many may know, I too waste my time on this particularly crack-like computer game, after being injected with my first fix by the ever dubious [profile] pierot, who wanted to be able to scream "what the hell is this moron doing in the Outlands? And why is the mage trying to tank for me? Who's doing DPS?" without me staring at him blankly.

    As a result, I have a selection of Warcraft characters. My favourite is my Gnome Rogue (who is nearly level 30 now), but I've got a couple of others, including two which I quite like, but who's names I really dislike.

    My question to the Warcraft geeks out there is "is it really worth spending £12 to re-name the two characters who's names bug me, when neither of them is my primary character?" and "if it is, can anyone help me come up with a name for an Undead Warlock who looks a bit like a voodoo priestess, and a rather pretty Drenai Hunter?"

  • I have a new book! I spent money, foolishly and frivolously, on, and now have a book on medieval hunting. The really sad reason for this purchase? My latest piece of tat original prose (I'm adding to Sally's Collection Of Unpublishable Novels) has just hit 10,000 words, and is set in a pseudo-medieval fantasy world. I need to know more about medieval hunting for the next 5000 words. I also need to know more about side saddle riding, and am wondering if there's any way I could somehow find my way to getting a side saddle riding lesson in the UK, but suspect this may be me being unnecessarily obssessive.

  • I need to go skating soon, especially as I got ice skates from [profile] pierot for Christmas. Right now I know this weekend is right out, due to crazy levels of larp commitment, but what about the second Saturday in January? I know that [profile] wildrogue and [profile] molez are provisionally up for it. Are you guys still free? And who else would like to come along? I promise, I'm not very good. I did skating classes when I was a kid, but I don't think I've skated properly since I was about ten or eleven, so it'll be hideously awkward all round.



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