Mar. 16th, 2017

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Since a bunch of you seem to be fundraising at the moment, have this thing I got sent at work. How to make your fundraising page work for you.

1. Fundraising summary
Writing a page summary is linked to a 36% increase in page value.
Keep it short and sweet. This will be what people see when they land on your Fundraising Page, or when you share it on social media. There’s a word count for a reason – get to the heart of what you’re raising money for, and why it matters.

2. Target
Setting a target donation amount can result in a 45% increase in page value.
Setting a target creates momentum and gives you a goal to focus on. Aim for the minimum you need to make your good thing happen.

3. Image
Uploading a profile picture is linked to a 23% increase in page value.
Let your picture do some talking too. Grab your smartphone or digital camera and capture something that helps to tell your story. People like people, so show your supporters the faces of the person or community who’ll benefit from your hard work

4 Tell your story
Explain why you are raising money, how you are doing it, and why the cause means so much to you.

5 Updates
Adding a text update can lead to an 8% increase in page value per update.
They might look small, but they pack a big punch. Updating your supporters on how things are going, how close you are to your target, how your training is working out, or just saying thanks for all their help will keep them engaged with your story and fundraising.

6 Include all your fundraising
Make sure you include the donations you’ve received by cash and cheque so that all of your efforts can be seen.
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And, since I just got back from Morocco and my mind is filled with travel, have five “top fives” that no one asked for but you’re getting anyway.

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