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So, that was Sense8.

I meant to live blog it, but instead I binge watched the entirety of season 2 instead. I now, of course, review, with loads and loads of spoilers. If you’ve not seen it, you should look away.

Nomi – you did so well at being less of a Mary Sue. Then you totally made your sister’s wedding all about you. To be fair, so did your unhinged mother and the FBI, but you were not blameless. Also, you have the most sainted girlfriend ever and I think you should be more aware that she is frankly Too Good For This Sinful World and you need to be super careful in case of stray bullets. Just sayin’

Will – you grew as a person this season. I rather liked your leadership arc although I think Whispers gave you a tad too much tactical genius power. Your Sensate did a lot for you. But in general, I found you less bland and more Cyclops which I can live with.

Riley – I think you’re vaguely growing on me too. I understand your point now. I mean, your point is a bit to be the super fairytale princess from fairytale Icelandland with the magic power of mixing previously unloved nineties one hit wonders (which is, to be fair, a pretty impressive gift) which is a bit silly in places, but I forgave all for your Nancy Drewe Girl Detective schtick with the Chicago cop. That made it all OK. I love you again.

Van Damme – I do love you, and your new face is growing on me. I also like your personal arc the best – you totally totally deserved a decent love interest, I love that the story is staying invested in Kenya, I find the characters interested and nuanced and I want you to fight corruption and be a noble politician (dealing with the murkiness of the Kenyan political system) and please get back on a plane and go home. Your country need you!

Sun – have you ever considered clothes? I mean, I know the polyester allergy does make it hard, but I worry when you insist on stripping to bra and pants at every possible opportunity. You’ll catch your death. But apart from that, you rock, you have the most expressive deadpan ever, and I do like your new love interest too. Trufax – being a sensate makes you extra attractive to interesting sapiens.

…unless you’re Kala.

Kala – I love you. You drive me crazy. I think you might be me. I totally get the mix of intellectual brightness combined with emotional stupidity and staggering levels of indecision and a total inability to understand that sometimes trying to please everyone just will make it worse. I also get that Wolfgang is, frankly, the worst choice of One True Love ever and while he looks amazing, he is basically constantly moving from one hideously lethal Doomed Last Stand to another and I bet all those bloodstains will play havoc with laundry. But you need to commit. Make a fucking decision and stick to it.

Also, your husband and his crisis is dull. Either leave him or let the show kill him. I don’t care so much. But he’s the least interesting love interest in the show, and he now bores me thoroughly.

Wolfgang – I love you. You’re very troubled. I’m not sure how long I can keep loving you. It’s very tiring. But you may be one of the most sensible people in this show. I appreciated your rapid and accurate assessment of scary femme fatale. Also, you brood magnificently.

Lito – you are the most precious being who has ever lived. You are blessed with the luck of the gods in your support sapiens who are both the coolest people ever, and you are so lucky they appreciate your adorable useless emotional wreck puppy dog qualities as I do. Also, the cocktail thing was amazing.

Whispers – you deserved to have bad things happen to you. But you’ve been a very cool villain and I think the show has done exceptionally well in making you this. Last season I feared you were just a random puppy kicker, but I’ve found myself increasingly impressed and creeped out by you. I am looking forward to further backstory.

Jonas & Anjelica – I suspect you both of being evil. Like…proper evil. Every time the two of you appear I grow more suspicious.

Showrunners – well done. I really had worries about the second season but you’ve been amazing. Lana Wachowski and J Michael Straczynski are apparently an amazing combination – JMS makes the Wachowski world make sense, the Wachowski’s add their incredible visual flair (and at least one classic Matrix style gun battle). I love that you spent one season exploring the people, and then trusted us to remember them and spent this season exploring the world and the plot and bringing it all up a notch with a glorious pace and speed. I love that you brought in new ambiguities and new unpleasant truths while keeping the shows essential optimism. Good show.

Next season – Wolfgang. Can’t help but notice he’s missing. Is he about to be the damsel in distress? Would that be a nice twist. Also, Jonas. I suspect you of being the big bad. I note that Lila went for Wolfgang big time after you got free.

Anyway, that’s me. What did you guys think?
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