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I was told ages ago that by thinking positive thoughts you can retrain your brain. It's like a reset. I'm often not good at this, and today the world feels particularly grim. But I think it's good to focus.

So, I'm listing three things I like about me (because I'm feeling particularly useless), three things I like about my life (because it feels very out of control and overwhelming), three things I like about today (which will get me off the sofa), and three things that make me feel optimistic about the world in general (because god knows, there's enough to feel bad about).

You should all do that too.

Three things I like about me:

I write pretty well. People tell me I'm eloquent and I find that my thoughts take shape better in the written word.

I like my hair. It is bright and cheerful and soon it will have stripes in it again. I have decided.

I like my imagination. I love how I can build up complex worlds and people in my head and keep and manage them in perfect internal consistency. I love how worlds I've built get remembered by people years later with fondness, or exasperation.

Three things I like about my life:

I love my flat. I love that it has high ceilings, and an open fire. I love that I've kept it nice (ish) and I love that it has a tiny garden out front which is all mine and the daffodils I planted in the winter are now beginning to spring up and grow.

I love my job. I'm good at my job. I've done a lot of good through my job in terms of raising money which lets my charity provide support and services to people who need it. And they are nice people who have been really supportive while I've been unwell.

I love my fiance. He's bright and sweet and cooks excellent paella. He makes me laugh, even when I'm really down and goes out of his way to support me.

Three things I like about today:

I am collecting new medication from the doctor to reset my brain and I shall be hopeful I'll feel better soon.

I am seeing Hel and Phil tonight for dinner and chat and gossip. It has literally been years since I've spent time with Hel in a purely social environment and I'm really looking forward to it.

Jez has offered to cook delicious paella this evening which will be wonderful because it's one of nicest foodstuffs in the world.

Three things I like about the world in general:

Since 2015, pandas have been downgraded from “endangered” to “vulnerable,” manatees have been reclassified as “threatened” and nine of the 14 humpback whale populations have increased since they were classified as “endangered” in 1970.This makes me feel better.

On a related note, Seaworld has now agreed to end it's captive Orca programme. This is incredibly good news as all evidence suggests that Orcas are bloody miserable in captivity.

We have found another solar system in the universe that looks very likely able to support life! Which means the odds are that there are a lot more out there! There are three planets around TRAPPIST-1 which are looking good. We'll know within ten years if there is water there and yay! This is exciting!

So those are my happy things. How about yours?


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